Monday, 29 April 2013

History Week.

Last week was 'History Week' at school and to celebrate in true artistic style, I helped design a picture timeline of Finchley. The aim was to show our school at different parts of history and what the area would have looked like in the past, starting in pre London swamp times and including World War Two. Here is the whole thing on the wall in the hall!
Several groups took on different eras with the help of the other adults in the class, I will focus mainly on the parts I was involved with. I started off in Roman times and with a little help from a great book called 'A Street Through Time', and took my group on a journey through time! The children quickly became obsessed with the funny looking toilet but I managed to get some wonderful drawings. One of my favourites was a Roman kitchen, here is a close up..

I got the children to draw themselves in Roman clothes!

Our next stop took us to a time of plague and fire, 1666. Again there were some fantastic drawings, particularly the plague infested corpses lining the streets!
Up next for my group was 1912, the year our school was built.
Time was running short now so the school is shown as part built, I really liked the builders that we decided to put in at the last minute, here is a close up.
We decided to draw a school of the future, I think the children enjoyed this part the most, they were imagining really crazy things! Here is a collage of the whole piece......
Loads of ideas, the ones I really liked were, the rat rockets and the flying teachers! See below!
Well, that was History week, I hope you enjoyed all of 2C's hard work, and I hope you learned some good facts about the past!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

I have been really busy this Easter, eating loads of eggs! I did do a few drawing bits. I'm in the process of writing an all ages comic about a rock band who happen to be a bunch of monsters. I drew all the characters individually and layered them in Photoshop. Here is that artwork

I then used Promarkers to add colour. I wasn't happy with how the background came out. It was quite streaky and at the moment I'm obsessed with really flat colours, so I sampled the colours I had used and filled in the background digitally. Here are the results!

I'm working on the comic now and will hopefully have it for MCM comic expo next month!