Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Confessional Comics by Jewish Women.

On Tuesday 11th of November I went on a special guided tour of  the Graphic Details, Confessional Comics by Jewish Women exhibition with Francesca Cassavetti and Dr Maggie Gray at Space Station 65 in Kennington. It was so special because five of the artists, Miriam Katin, Dianne Noomin, Corinne Pearlman, Ariel Schrag and Ilana Zeffren, were there and talked about their pieces in the exhibition! Also Sarah Lightman who co-curated the exhibition, as well as having artwork in it, hosted the event and interviewed the artists.

 Sarah Glidden                                                                                Aline Kominsky-Crumb

Dianne Noomin

Miriam Libicki                                                                                Miss Lasko-Gross

Here I am with Miriam Katin                                                        Miriam Katin

Underground Wimmen's Comix

Corinne Pearlman

Here's Francesca and myself with Dianne Noomin!

Trina Robbins                                                                                Ariel Schrag

It's a really great exhibition and definitely worth seeing, it's on till 13th of December so get down there!

Two days later I went to a Comics Masterclass that was run by Ariel Scrag at JW3, this was such an inspirational week for me and my own comics making. It was great to have an in depth look and discussion about autobiographical comics and really pertinent to my work on my Masters course. 

Ariel discussing how emotions can be drawn and how they are read differently around the world.