Tuesday 14 March 2017

Laydeez Do Comics March 2017 See Red Womens Workshop

I went to the Laydeez Do Comics talk last night at The House of Illustration. I was drawing in the dark for these! The See Women's Workshop wanted to empower women by teaching them skills in screen printing and poster making. Although it was a collective that started in 1974 it felt to me that it could be just as relevant to start something similar now (get in touch if you would like to at sallyshinystars@hotmail.com) and is something that could be very useful with all the demonstrations that will hopefully happen this year. It's easy to sit at a computer and moan at the world. We need to come together and organise something.

Jane Glynn is fascinating and I greatly enjoyed listening to her speak about her work. I really did not expect to be so moved by her words and I will check out her book when she has drawn it. It looks at her own childhood and also the childhood of her daughter who sadly died at 6 years old. She draws from memories, and articles of clothing or toys from her memory. Jane discussed that every day she writes or draws something about her project, even if she doesn't want to it is self imposed. She believes that it allows things to come out that might not have done. When I was drawing from my memories for my Masters project, I had a strange experience of cross between remembering and meditation, I was gently floating around the first house I ever grew up in. In this waking dream I saw details of things never found in photographs, the tiles in our bathroom and a strange brush shaped as a swan with a long neck as the handle. It was like I was in a trance. Jane investigates these ethereal states of memory and firmly believes in the distinction between being in this world and not being in this world.