Wednesday, 29 May 2013

MCM Comic Expo 2013

It's been many years since I last had a table at MCM but Francesca  and myself decided to give it another go. The last time we were there, our table was right next to a stage which had crazy drumming and really loud Jpop music all day. It sent us insane! Within minutes of arriving this year, it all came flooding back to me. It's really loud, loads of people, and swelteringly hot, it's too much! Here is half of the venue...see what I mean!

That said, I quite liked it this time around. Once you get used to the constant barrage of cosplay and free hugs its fun and you just have to go with the flow. Here is a picture of the comics I had on sale

I was selling my new all ages, full colour comic The Monsters of Rock! Also I had the second issue of Edible Comics, which is also in full colour and fully edible! Nom nom nom.
Many familiar faces selling their wonderful small press goodies, I wish I had taken more pictures, here is the fabulous Richy K Chandler
                                                Here is Sean Azzopardi full of beans! (coffee)
                         I love the Cosplay at this event and there were some super examples this year
Phew! Thats a lot of dressing up! I found this amazing video that Sneaky Zebra made of all the outfits, it really captures the day, can you spot all your favourite characters?  

On Sunday I went to the Letraset Manga School and did a colour blending workshop with Laura Watton-Davies. I can't believe I've been using promarkers for years and didn't know about the blender pen, ahhhh it would have come in so handy for so many things! So then I spent about a million pounds on more promarkers, aqua markers and more pens, pens, pens. I actually bought some comics to!
Look at all those lovely colour comics! I got to meet Robert (Kryten) Llewellyn from Red Dwarf, he signed that lovely book there on the left. The next MCM comic expo is in October at the Excell centre and it's worth a visit for the cosplay alone! Get your outfit ready!!

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