Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Moon Thieves

This will be my last post about the things I do in schools because....I've gone back to school!! To start my Masters of Illustration!!! More about that next week. Back to The Moon Thieves, this was our school play and I was so delighted to paint the back drop of a little round house in the woods (I can hear the song playing now!).

I began with a tiny sketch on a scrap piece of paper...this was transferred onto Mrs Clarkes old curtains which were stapled onto 2Es Maths board! Honestly, the things you do when working in schools!

Above is the sketched version...I hope 2Es maths board survived!

Mrs Clarkes curtains are firmly in place and the painting has begun...

The curtains are covered, the bizarre camera angles are due to be squashed into a corner..behind that board are about 60 children practicing the songs to the play.

Here is the finished painting! 
The whole thing took about 2 or 3 days...the children loved seeing it as a work in progress and how the layers were bulit up. Obviously they were inspired by me..they all began drawing pictures of the house!

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