Thursday, 3 October 2013

MA Illustration Faces Project

I've started a Masters in...illustration!
I can't even begin to explain how excited I am about this. I feel like I've waited a long time and Now I'm ready for it! We did a huge two day symposium this week where everyone (100 people ish) got to do a shortish (haha!) presentation about their work and how they got to this point. It was so mind-blowing to see all the different styles of work, exciting times! I felt a bit of a fraud passing around my scribbled comics for people to see, everyone is so so talented on the course.

This is my first project: Using one A1 piece of paper create 20 faces
Choose one of these faces to work in to a final image also in A1.

Can you find all the following faces in my picture? Sad, happy, angry, part animal, part insect, sinister, shocked, emotionless, frightened, confused, singing, laughing, eating, drinking, dreaming, peeking, round, long, excitable, and astonished.

Above left is the pencils and next to it, on the right is when I inked it in. Below is one of the ealier stages with a lot less black parts filled in. I plan to colour it in on Photoshop...when I've found a huge scanner!

 Now I have to choose one face to do on a humongous sheet of A1 paper...I thought I could select this lady who is a bit shocked at her food arriving alive....what do you think?

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