Monday, 13 October 2014

Bang Crash Whizz

Friday October the 3rd 2014 was the incredible Tempo Lush launch night at Gosh comics in Soho.

This was the beautifully designed poster to get the public in. Richy K Chandler had four, yes FOUR new comic titles coming out in one joyous fun filled night. To celebrate, Richy held an interview with the esteemed pod-caster Alex Fitch to discuss each of the titles and a to give a brief overview of his process. 

Richy has written comic adaptations of Wallace and Gromit and Adventure Time amongst many other fantastic comic titles. Check out his website for more exciting adventures. 

Here is a picture of most of the creators involved in Richy's comics!
Launching that night were Rosie and Jacinda  which he first created with Zarina Liew who was the artist in volume 1. For the following volume Richy got several artists on board to help him, they are Chie Kutsuwada, Inko, Jade Sarson and Francesca Dare. 

Richy also had his Tempo Lush Tales anthology launching that night with a host of amazing and talented creators which included Matt Boyer, Francesca Cassavetti, Martin Eden, Tim Hassan, Steve Horry, Inko, Chie Kutsuwada, Mike Medaglia, Aaron Murphy, Van Nim, Karen Rubins, Paul Shinn, Keara Stewart and Steven Walsh phew lots of creators!

The webcomic Lucy the Octopus which was written AND drawn by Richy was also launching in print volume. How talented is this man!? 

Finally was the release of Bang Crash Whizz written by Richy and drawn by myself. This was a long and enjoyable project for me and I'm very sad that it has finished as it was so much fun to work on. The comic is aimed at pre school children but we think a lot of the adults on launch night enjoyed it too. 

Here is the cover. Photo by Mauricio De Souza

To introduce this story to the world, Richy decided to write a song to go with it and the both of us being musicians, we performed a musical version on the launch night!

photo M De Souza

So here we are in Gosh Comics performing Bang Crash Whizz with the help of Richard Carter who was in control of the slides behind us!

photo credits Mauricio De Souza

Our admiring fans giving us a round of applause. 

photos Mauricio De Souza

To continue the musical theme of the night we played a second song written by Richy, this time we were joined by a professional musician Steve Horry  who as well as being the guitarist in Menswear is a comics creator too! This time the illustrations were provided by Mike Medaglia who was unable to join us on the night and was missed sorely. 

photo by Inko Ai Takita

A big thank you to everyone who came down and really made the night so much fun, thanks to everyone at Gosh for such wonderful hosting. In case you missed it and would like to see the songs performed here are two videos filmed by Paul Stapleton for your viewing pleasure! 

Bang Crash Whizz

Save Nighttime for my Dreams

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  1. This is great! Was so much fun watching your BANG CRASH WHIZZ performance again!