Saturday, 18 October 2014

Big Draw at Rugby Art Gallery and Museum

I was invited to Rugby Art Gallery and Museum  last Saturday to hold a one day Manga drawing workshop with a twist!

The flyer of events for the day.

Currently on exhibition at the museum is a wonderful display of furoshiki (pronounced 'for-ush-ki'), these are square cloths used for carrying your shopping in or for wrapping gifts. They can be ornately designed and embroidered with patterns that hold a significant meaning. The Museum invited me to lead a workshop drawing manga style characters onto a huge piece of wrapping cloth! How exciting!!

This was the table for teenagers and adults to draw on.

Throughout the day I demonstrated how to draw a Chibi character on an A board whilst the public joined in. I even showed the Mayor of Rugby and his wife how to draw a simple manga face onto the wrapping cloth.

This was my set up for the day

Multi tasking by selling comics at the same time!

Some lovely drawing examples from the day.

Practising before drawing on the fabric!

Such talented teenagers in Rugby!

There was even a table for the younger children to express themselves.

I loved how some of the younger children took to the cloth with wild abandon and confidently drew, whilst others were afraid of being told off for drawing on the cloth. I hope I haven't encouraged any bad habits and that they aren't drawing on the curtains at home!

I had such a fun day, thank you to everyone who came along and joined in the workshop. Special thanks to the staff at Rugby Art Gallery and Museum, and particularly Jessica Hartshorn.


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